Woke Sportswriters May Have to Vote Unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers For MVP

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On Monday, FanDuel Sportsbook updated its MVP odds with Aaron Rodgers now tied with Tom Brady atop the list at +160. And after the events on Sunday, Rodgers has the momentum to win his second straight MVP award.

That’d be quite the victory for Rodgers. Rodgers has to overcome both Brady and the sportswriters who vote for the award to win MVP this season.

Sportswriters do not want to vote Rodgers for MVP. The media took Rodgers’ decision to remain unvaccinated and his usage of the word “draconian” personal. But as we said last month, there’s one scenario in which even the vaccine-demanding, woke voters would have no choice but to award Rodgers another MVP.

First, Rodgers must lead the Packers to the top seed in the NFC. As ESPN’s Rex Ryan admits, the voters will hold Rodgers’ positive COVID case against him if the Packers fall out of the conference’s top spot. They’ll say his unvaccinated status was why the Packers lost in Week 9 with Jordan Love as the starting QB. However, if the Packers clinch the top seed, that one loss against the Chiefs will prove essentially meaningless.

According to FiveThirtyEight projections, the Packers have a 78% chance of earning the NFC’s top seed. Green Bay would clinch first place by winning its final three games against the Browns, Vikings, and Lions. Moreover, the Packers (11-3) would remain in the driver’s seat even in the event of one loss because the team holds tiebreakers over the Bucs, Rams, and Cardinals — three 10-4 teams.

Second, Rodgers should finish the season ahead of Brady on the field, and by a decent margin. Rodgers has been on the field for only two losses. He leads the NFL in passer rating (of players who have played at least 10 games) and orchestrated two of the year’s biggest wins. He defeated the Cardinals without his top receiver and topped the Rams while short multiple offensive linemen.

Rodgers has thrown just four — 4! — interceptions all seasons. Meanwhile, Brady has racked up 11 picks and visibly struggled in all four of the Bucs’ losses this season.

Advantage: Rodgers.

Now imagine how funny this would be. Rodgers’ on-field wizardry could force the same blue-checks who compared him to a right-wing conspiracy nut to hand him the MVP award just months later.

Thank you, Aaron Rodgers.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I’m going to need to see some Woke Credentials before I cast my vote. How much equity training has he had? Does he proactively spread the Gospel that Diversity Is Our Strength, going door-to-door through neighborhoods like a Mormon preacher?

    I dunno he looks like an Angry Fragile White Male to me. I’ll bet his grandparents owned Mason Glenn Williams- Washington’s grandparents.

    What position does he play – Flag Kneeler or Diversity National Anthem Singer? Never mind I’m going to look for a black kid without a criminal record to vote for.

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