Aaron Rodgers Intrigued By Sending Patrick Mahomes to Wild Card Every Year

Since the Aaron Rodgers bombshell changed lives across the NFL, the Raiders and Broncos have frequently been mentioned as possible destinations for the disgruntled QB. You can debate which team is a better fit all you want, I don’t care. In either scenario, football fans would get Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes twice a year.

(How has that not been talked about more, by the way?)

I’ve been thinking about it and been wondering: coincidence or not? Does Aaron Rodgers actually find Las Vegas and Denver appealing, or does he want to meet Mahomes at least twice every single year, perhaps more, depending on how the playoffs shake out? Rich Eisen said Monday that Rodgers wants it, with “it” meaning sending Mahomes to the Wild Card yearly:

“I heard he’d happily go to Denver because they’ve got the weapons,” Eisen said. “He doesn’t care that it’s in Mahomes’ division. He would actually love to personally beat Mahomes. He would love to send Mahomes to the Wild Card every single year. This is what I’ve been told.”

Yeah, yeah, that’s MJ-like.

A coward like LeBron runs from opposing threats on the court. A man like Aaron Rodgers chases them down. And, a smart man like Aaron Rodgers tries to get the hell away from Tom Brady’s conference. It’s not that Tom Brady is better than Mahomes. He’s not, but Brady doesn’t really lose in the playoffs. It’s sort of not fair.

Another great outcome would be how angry the sports media would get when Rodgers outplays Mahomes twice a year. For some reason, those guys really want to crown Mahomes and kick Rodgers out of the top bracket. Weird, given who was better last season…

The football world needs this.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Please go to Vegas. Gruden and Rodgers would be like oil and water but the best part will be Chucky trying to spin they have a good working relationship.

  2. Guys, I’m done with your Aaron Rodger’s fantasy trade articles. There’s nothing happening, and I’m not supporting your delusions, or his. (I’ll entertain other topics on OK…)

  3. This is obviously a racist stance on Rodgers part..he wants to play Mahomes due to Mahomes being mixed …LeBron will no doubt be chiming in on this soon and admonishing Rodgers…we all need to wait until LeFraud releases his opinion on this before any of us are allowed to make a decision

  4. Rodgers didn’t actually have the better season. I joked during the season that Davante Adams was their goal line back. He had to have at least 8-10 TDs from within 3 yards, and 1 time I watched them throw 3 straight passes to him 1st & Goal from the 1 (and so forth). Betting him to score a TD every game on Fanduel was free money. That said, Rodgers was amazing last year, so was Mahomes. They aren’t trading Rodgers, so this speculation is just stupid. He has no leverage. Go host Wheel of Fortune guy.

  5. Hmm, let’s see:

    One guy got his team to the Super Bowl, and somehow actually through at least 2 touchdown passes that bounced off facemasks (one of them throwing sideways to the ground) under insane pressure.

    The other had the ball with goal-to-go and managed to not score.

    Oh, the worst part is that Green Bay didn’t make the SB. The Chiefs would have dominated. They destroyed teams upon first meetings. Unfortunately, they had to go up against the GOAT. The one player who can change from game to game. And is so freaking selfless (football wise) that no other player on that team wasn’t gonna bye into the coaches schemes.

  6. Bobby, I love you, but, “A coward like LeBron runs from opposing threats on the court. A man like Aaron Rodgers chases them down.” I hate LeBron but come on, what had Rodgers ever chased down? He’s been a whiner for so many years now that I’ve lost track. And, there’s only one man that beats Mahomes, Rodgers, and Brees in a playoff run, and that’s the best QB of all time, Mr. Tom Brady.

  7. Rodgers can’t win big games, so how is he going to beat Mahomes?…Mahomes and the Chiefs are a much better player and team than Rodgers or the Broncos with him (hypothetically). Also, Rodgers is 37, he had his first healthy season in a long time last year, odd are he won’t stay healthy for lone behind that Broncos o-line.

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