Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram Post Insinuates He’s Leaving Packers

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While most of us slept, Packers star Aaron Rodgers was teeing up a late-night Instagram post that reads a whole lot like “goodbye.” We don’t want to put words in the MVP’s mouth, but it’s not often we see a picture collage with this long of a caption and have it mean anything positive.

What’s clear is that Aaron Rodgers has plenty to like in Green Bay if we read the never-ending list of everything he’s “thankful” for. However, most Americans celebrate Thanksgiving and then proceed to purchase everything in sight the following day– we were thankful 12 hours ago and now we’re standing in line for what we don’t have. That mentality makes about as much sense as Aaron Rodgers expressing paragraphs of gratitude in the middle of the night just to stay put in Lambeau.

Is Rodgers headed elsewhere? He stops by The Pat McAfee Show today where reports say he WON’T make a decision on his future. We’d expect some type of announcement from his camp soon though. He knows everyone’s waiting, even those who don’t like him.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr

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