Aaron Rodgers Enlists Teammates To Get Trash-Talking Ammunition On Opponents

Aaron Rodgers is all about being prepared for his opponent on game days. He wants to know everything about them on the field, and apparently, he wants to know a thing or two about them off the field as well.

According to Sam Borden with ESPN, Rodgers likes to enlist teammates to dig up embarrassing information on his opponents. That way, the trash-talk on the field is A-plus with plenty of zingers. Here a snippet from Borden’s article to summarize things:

“As an alternative for those who prefer to avoid challenging Rodgers’ general knowledge acumen, Rodgers allows the second part of the quiz to also feature tongue-in-cheek “questions” about top opposing players, as long as there is some component to the question that Rodgers might be able to use on the field. Like everything else, Rodgers wants to challenge the traditional notion of trash-talking — give me something different I can use, he tells the test makers. Find me something new.”

Wait a minute, what? This man really has his backups out there combing the internet for verbal haymakers on game day. Oh, somebody had a bowl cut and buck teeth back in the fourth grade? Better hope Rodgers doesn’t find out about it.

While Borden was talking to Joe Callahan, the former Packers backup quarterback said “we got pretty good at searching the internet for funny pictures of opposing teams.”

How many times do you think an opponent has stopped and said “wait, how did he know that?” Guys, that is incredible, I don’t care who you are.

It sounds like Rodgers is throwing bombs and dropping bombs at the same time.

Honestly, that might be a reason to keep a guy on the roster. Sure, a guy might not be the best passer, but if he can find Rodgers the content he needs, shoot … sign the man to an extension. It might be worth keeping him around awhile.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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