Aaron Rodgers Consults With Joe Rogan On COVID Treatment, Causes Blue Checkmark Heads To Explode

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All it took for blue checkmark heads to explode was Aaron Rodgers announcing on the Pat McAfee Show that he had consulted Joe Rogan on treatments to deal with COVID.

Rodgers explained to McAfee and co-host A.J. Hawk that he consulted with Rogan, enemy No. 1 of blue checkmarks in their fake crusade against COVID, and noted that he and Rogan have developed a friendship.

“I consulted with a now good friend of mine, Joe Rogan, after he got COVID and I’ve been doing a lot of the stuff he recommended in his podcasts,” Rodgers said. “I’m going to have the best immunity possible now based on the 2.5-million-person study from Israel [that shows] people who recover have the most robust immunity.

“I’m thankful for people like Joe for stepping up and using their voice. I’m thankful for my medical squad and I’m thankful for all the love and support I’ve gotten.”

Rodgers went on to confirm that he’s been taking monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin — the drug that Rogan has been crushed by the blue checkmark brigade/CNN for taking — zinc, vitamins and says he feels “pretty incredible.”

And it was that 56-seconds of audio that sent the checkmarks off a cliff over Aaron not falling in line with them on the subject of COVID.

“I am not a COVID-denier or any (expletive) like that. I just wanted to make the best choice for my body,” Rodgers added.

Yeah, but that’s not how the checkmarks roll, Aaron. Remember, these are the same people who didn’t want sports to ever return. They actually hate sports even though it pays their bills.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Damn his press conference when he returns is going to be must watch to see all these “media” people lose there damn minds. I hope he pulls a Marshawn Lynch and doesn’t answer anything and says I’m here so I don’t get fine and cuts them all out except McAfee and Rogan.

  2. These sure be “troubling times” … For The Record … My wife and I have both had the monoclonal infusion and took Invermectin and we are both doing very very well, thank you very much.

    I was never much of an Aaron Rogers – in fact I no longer watch the NFL – but I wish him well. I thought he and Danica made a nice couple … oh well.

  3. Funny how so called journalists, who probably can’t immunology or epidemiology, blindly trust pharmaceutical companies who have paid out tens of billions of dollars in civil and criminal settlements for repeatedly making claims and bribing doctors.

    But sure let’s not listen to doctors who are actually effectively treating patients and listen to those corrupt pharma companies……. smart. 🙄

  4. Wow these people are frigin nuts. I’m mean they are all in on the dem plantation and big pharma. Maybe there’s something in the vaccine that links all the hosts brain waves or some crazy shit because they all sound so ridiculously stupid and they all say the exact same thing. No offense but I’ll take advice from Joe Rogan on Covid( because he’s had it, beat it, and consulted the best doctors money can buy) over Dr. Doggy killer and CNN sycophants everyday of the week. It’s so god damn hilarious that these people are “educated” at the supposed best institutions in the country and are so gullible and shallow. They bring down the average iq level every time they speak. I don’t even know what to say anymore, liberals are just so dumb it’s almost sad.

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