Aaron Rodgers To ESPN’s Adam Schefter: ‘Lose My Number’

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Aaron Rodgers addressed his future on the “Pat McAfee Show” Wednesday. He revealed he intends to play for the New York Jets next season.

He also discussed the “reporters” trying to get information out of him.

Notably, ESPN insider Adam Schefter texted Rodgers asking him for the scoop. But unlike agents, he didn’t feed Schefter the information as a trade-off for a mouthpiece.

Instead, the four-time MVP told Schefty to lose his number.

Schefter confirmed:

ESPN reporter Dianna Russini also hit up Rodgers. The QB didn’t respond to her, though. But says he would have told her the same thing, to lose his number.

Rodgers also refuted Russini’s report that he handed the Jets a “wish list” of free agency to sign.

“That’s so ridiculous,” said Rodgers. “That’s not the reality. It’s so stupid to think I would do that.”

Props to Aaron Rodgers for addressing his business himself, and not relying on slimy reporters like Schefter to be his megaphone.

Plus, he’s right to not trust ESPN. No network has covered him with more dishonesty since he refused to get the vaccine than ESPN.

The network has an out for him. And, now, Rodgers revealed the information that ESPN has been desperately seeking on a YouTube show with Pat McAfee.

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