Aaron Boone Does Not Like Giancarlo Stanton’s Walk-Up Song

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Aaron Boone and Giancarlo Stanton have been with the Yankees for the same amount of time. The former was hired as manager Dec. 4, 2017, the latter was traded from the Marlins on Dec. 11, 2017.

They have spent four full seasons together and 12 games in 2023. That comes out to somewhere around 500 regular-season games, not including the postseason.

For the majority of those 500 games, Stanton has had the same walk-up song. He switched to a custom mix of Travis Scott’s ‘Don’t Play’ ahead of the 2019 season, which he has intertwined with Kanye West’s ‘Power‘ throughout the years.

Assuming that Stanton gets two at-bats per game (probably more), and played all 500 games (he didn’t because he struggles to stay healthy), his walk-up songs have graced Boone’s ears somewhere around 1,000 times. If half of those are Travis Scott, Boone has heard ‘Don’t Play’ around 500 times.

And that’s likely a low estimate. It’s probably closer to 750/1,000, if not more. I’m just spit-balling.

Regardless of what the exact number of Stanton plate appearances might be, Boone is not a fan of his song. No matter how many times he hears ‘Don’t Play,’ it has not grown on him. Not at all.

During a recent conversation with Jomboy and Jake of Talkin’ Yanks, Boone revealed that he does not enjoy Stanton’s walk-up song. Every time it comes on, he is reminded of his distaste.

Boone offered his best impression of the Travis Scott autotune and quickly brushed it off as his least favorite on the team. Stanton’s musical taste does not align with that of his skipper.

Sorry Travis Scott, but Boone does not feel the vibes when Stanton walks up to the plate. It’s just not his cup of tea.

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