A Total Play in Ravens vs. Patriots

Ravens vs. Patriots, 1 ET

The Ravens and Patriots have played some big games over the years, but this won’t qualify as one of them. It is still a fairly important game though. Both are coming into the game 1-1 and as long as there is no tie, we will see one end 2-1 and 1-2. Even early in the season, you don’t want to see more losses than wins. And, neither team has an easy matchup in week four.

The Ravens easily beat the Jets as you would’ve expected. The offense didn’t look great in that one, but that’s fine, they handled their business. Then the next week they played the Dolphins at home. They opened that game with a kickoff return for a touchdown. All was great for most of that game actually. They were able to score three touchdowns in the second quarter. They looked like the offense was clicking and firing on all cylinders. Then the fourth quarter came. In that quarter, the Ravens defense allowed 28 points to the Dolphins and lost the game. The Ravens had the ball three times in that quarter, once the ball was turned over around midfield, once they punted, and they kicked one field goal. The Ravens defense simply couldn’t stop the new dynamic offense of the Dolphins.

The Patriots don’t have the same offense that the Dolphins do. They are conservative, they have a pocket passer that doesn’t have one receiver the caliber of Jaylen Waddle or Tyreek Hill. What they do have is an elite coach that puts a defensive gameplan into action. They are almost always prepared for games and very rarely have big miscues on that side of the ball. The Patriots already faced the Dolphins and even though they lost, they only allowed 20 points. It isn’t that much of a surprise, even when Brady was there, the Pats struggled in Miami. This past week they were coasting to a victory before a late touchdown. The Ravens offense should prove more of a challenge than the Steelers. The Patriots offense should also be able to move the ball a bit more than they have the first two games.

I have to imagine that the Ravens offense will struggle a little bit against the Patriots defense. I also think that as a matter of pride the defense will come out for the Ravens and make it a point of emphasis to not allow the receivers to get behind them. The total still seems a bit low in the game at 44. 24-21 is a reasonable expectation for the game (despite the Patriots not scoring 21 points in any game this season. I’m going to still play the over.

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Written by David Troy

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