A Team Total Play In Georgia Vs. Kentucky

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Georgia vs. Kentucky, 3:30 ET

Georgia is going to win the National Championship again. I don’t think that is much of a bold statement, but to be honest, I didn’t think anyone was going to beat Alabama this season either. Kentucky isn’t going to take the game from them in this one, and honestly probably doesn’t have a chance to do much of anything in this game. However, I do have a play for this so let’s take a look.

Georgia has looked absolutely amazing this season. In games they care about, they have the potential to destroy teams. In games they don’t they tend to take their foot off the gas a little bit. It has to be hard to find a bit of motivation for some of these games. If you look at the Florida game and the Mississippi State games they played, they allowed more points in those games than the one they faced a very good Tennessee offense. This game won’t provide much incentive for Georgia to play tough. They will likely be able to win by a ton of points if they want to. 22 might be a few too many, but it wouldn’t shock me. Kentucky has a decent enough defense, so I don’t think Georgia will score every single time they touch the football.

Kentucky comes into the game having lost three of their past five games and now must face a really tough Georgia team. The good news for them is that they get to face them at home. I have to imagine that the Wildcats team wants to see how well they can perform against the best team in the entire country. They didn’t look great when they played Tennessee earlier in the year, however that game was on the road. They have a good enough offense that should be able to move the ball occasionally and I’d expect in the second half you start to see a bit more of the secondary players for Georgia come into the game.

I’m taking Kentucky to score over 13.5 points in the game. Georgia has given up 14 or more points to opponents in just four of ten games on the year, and two of those have been on the road and in the past three weeks. The team is getting into the late part of the season and just doesn’t care as much. Let’s hope that Kentucky can find the end zone twice.

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Written by David Troy

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