A. Rod and J. Lo Adding Heavyweight Power to Mets Ownership Bid

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Power couple Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are in the mix to buy the New York Mets from the financially embattled (at least in the context of pro sports owners) Wilpon family. While there are questions about whether if the Mets’ TV network SNY is involved in the talks and if it would even be worth it to buy the franchise if it’s not, we keep hearing about new potential additions to the prospective ownership group.

Today, Darren Rovell reported the following:

Shortly after that, Barstool founder Dave Portnoy heavily hinted that he too could be in the mix:

A couple weeks ago, the New York Post reported that A. Rod and J. Lo were talking to Robert Kraft and his son Jonathan about potentially also buying into the group.

If this winds up going through, who the heck knows what form it’ll take with an investors or if it’ll be successful on the field. However, no matter what it’d be a lock to be phenomenal content.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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