A Play in Western Kentucky vs. Southern Alabama

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Western Kentucky vs. Southern Alabama, 9 ET

We’ve been decent in these Bowl Games to start the Bowl season, but I wouldn’t say that this has been a great start either. We are about .500 and went just 1-1 last night. I’m not trying to play all of the games, but I do like that I can focus on one or two games in a day rather than try to find games in a slate of many games. That’s how I found this play here.

Western Kentucky comes into the game with a decent 8-5 record for the season. I’m not overly impressed with who they’ve beaten, but a win is a win. They lost to Auburn and North Texas in their past five games. I do find their offense very impressive, averaging 35 points per game and they also are at almost 500 yards per game on offense. Their passing attack is worthwhile and has been strong most of the season. I think South Alabama has a decent enough defense, but their strength really lies against the run. Western Kentucky can run the ball pretty effectively but I’d imagine they will rely on their passing game. This is a pretty exciting opportunity for a quarterback like Austin Reed to showcase his arm on national television and I expect him to do so.

South Alabama has had a great season. They’ve gone 10-2 and haven’t lost a game in their past five weeks. Their losses were to Troy and UCLA. The loss to Troy was a really low-scoring game but they lost by four. They also lost to UCLA by one point and UCLA was one of the best teams in the country. I am encouraged by how well they’ve played this season no matter who the competition was. They’ve been able to be fairly balanced on offense and their defense does a good enough job of keeping their opponent down. I do think that they can run the ball effectively on the Western Kentucky defense. Also, their passing game is solid enough that they should be able to move the ball when needed through the air.

I think South Alabama has the better team. I don’t expect it to be a dominating win over Western Kentucky, but I do think they win the game and cover the -3.5. I’d be a bit more comfortable taking the -3 instead if you want to pay the extra money for it. Austin Reed also might not play this full game – or he might – he was in the transfer portal then he went back to Western Kentucky.

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Written by David Troy

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