A Plane Deployed A Parachute After Experiencing Engine Failure, Everyone Survived Uninjured: Wild Video!

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A single-engine plane that experienced engine failure deployed an emergency parachute that eventually allowed it to float down safely with everyone on board surviving.

The newly released WILD video shows the Cirrus SR22 experiencing engine failure shortly after takeover from Pampulha Airport in Brazil. After the pilot realized he wasn’t going to be able to safely make it back to the airport in time, he deployed an on-board Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). Immediately, a giant parachute pops out of the airplane and slowly allows the plane to eventually land on the ground!

All six passengers – including a mother and her baby, not only survived, but weren’t even injured!

I mean, how is this not on EVERY single airplane?!


In fact, I didn’t even know this technology existed and I’m wondering why the hell it’s not already mandated?! I don’t care whether you’re flying a 747 or a single-engine plane, when it’s you on a plane versus the EARTH, I think we should have as much backup as possible.

The American taxpayer spends (wastes) hundreds of billions of dollars on the airline industry on God knows what, when THIS is the kind of stuff we should be buying.

Maybe President Biden should send $5.5 billion rather than $6 billion to Ukraine in the inevitable next military-spending package we’re going to give them, and use that $500 million to implement this for as many airplanes as possible.

A single-engine plane was able to safely land after initiating a parachute safety mechanism. (AirDataNews.com / CBMMG)


“The entire crew was conscious, oriented and without apparent injuries,” the Minas Gerais Military Fire Department said. You damn right they were.

The CAPS parachute system has been used 122 times and has saved 249 people, according to their website. Let’s go!

I don’t know about you – but I’d feel a hell of a lot better knowing that my flight had a damn parachute system onboard, perhaps even giving me a remote chance at survival.

Truly fascinating.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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