9-Year-Old Patrick Mahomes Was Providing Tom Brady Bulletin Board Material In 2005

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Patrick Mahomes was just nine years old in February 2005 when his name appeared on the front of the Tyler, Texas sports page on the eve of Super Bowl XXXIX featuring the Eagles and Patriots. In that game, Tom Brady was playing for back-to-back Super Bowl titles and his third in four years.

Meanwhile, young Patrick Mahomes was in Texas providing future bulletin board material for the future GOAT. Mahomes predicted the Eagles would win 35-28 and then dropped this line.

“Eagles are a better team,” Mahomes told the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Though Brady and his Pats prevailed 24-21 in that game, don’t think for a second someone won’t print Mahomes’ old comment out and tape it to Tommy’s locker this week. It’s probably already taped up. Multiple copies. Everywhere Tommy looks. If Brady can get a mental edge off something a nine-year-old said about him in 2005, you damn well better believe that’s going right into the hard drive up in his cranium.

Between taking 16-year-old shots from a fourth grader and Mahomes’ weirdo brother, this game has incredible meaning for Brady.

• You don’t know if you’ll ever get back.

• Mahomes could play for another 25 years and jump Tom in Super Bowl rings.

• Tom won’t be able to open TikTok without that goofy-ass Mahomes brother doing some dumb dance with his arms and screaming “LETSSSSS GOOOOOOO.”

• Some kid took a shot at your team in 2005.

I’m telling you guys right now, Tom Brady has no choice — no choice at all — but to finally silence the Mahomes family. This is all adding up to be the biggest villain family vs. good guy in the history of the NFL. This is not meant to sound overdramatic at all — Tom Brady must shut down this evil empire on behalf of NFL fans around the world.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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