81-Year-Old Ohio Woman Steps Up, Takes A Job To Keep Her Favorite Restaurant Running

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81-year-old Ohio woman Bonnie August could’ve sat at home and complained and yelled on Facebook about staffing shortages at her favorite restaurant. She could’ve screamed about losers refusing to get off unemployment and not taking jobs. She could’ve just moved on and found a new favorite restaurant and chalked this up to just another 2020-21 issue.

Not Bonnie August. This retiree took matters into her own hands and stepped up for burger and milkshake restaurant Culver’s in Findlay, Ohio. She took a job. She walked in, told management to hire her, and now she’s on the drive-thru team keeping the burgers moving.

“Bonnie was walking up and she is a regular, so I met her at the door and I explained that we were closed. And she’s like, ‘No I’m here for an interview’… And I was like, ‘What!?'” owner Danielle Doxsey told WTOL-Toledo.

This retiree needed her Culver’s and decided it was time to put up or shut up.

“I said, ‘What can I do to help?’ And they said, ‘You can help us until we can get it open, and take food to cars,'” Bonnie said.

And this isn’t just some one-day-a-week gig to get herself on TV. Bonnie’s putting in three- to four-hour shifts, six days a week. If this nation is going to make it through the Great Staffing Shortage of 2021, it’s going to take thousands of great Americans like Bonnie stepping away from Facebook comment wars and taking up arms in the form of Culver’s visors, or whatever uniform they’re given. Bonnie saw an issue and decided to give back to her fellow man and woman.

If turning patrons into workers sounds ridiculous, take what’s happening on Tybee Island, Georgia where restaurant owner Ian Davis spends his days trying to entice customers to take a job slinging sushi.

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“These are desperate times,” Davis told The Christian Science Monitor. “We lost pretty much everybody during the pandemic. So now I’m pulling people off the street.” A crab shack down the street from Davis is offering $3,000 signing bonuses.

The April jobs report showed a gain of just 266,000 jobs. Analysts explained it as a “tight supply of willing workers,” according to the Monitor. Restaurants have spent incredible amounts of energy battling to get their piece of that tightening supply of workers.

Perhaps it’s time to go looking for the Bonnie Augusts of the world who don’t want to see their favorite restaurants go under. Maybe it’s time to explain to the Baby Boomers and those just a little bit older than that to be like Bonnie August and serve their country one more time.

Ohio woman takes job to keep Culver's operating
via WTOL

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. It’s admirable of her, but it’s so sad that this is what our county has come to. Coddling young people and making everyone think they’re above certain jobs when they don’t want to do anything to earn it. Good on her for being an example to follow.

    • Exactly. The youth of this country(Christ I’m only 41 but call them that) are a pathetic mess of a joke. They’ll see this story and criticize her for taking the job in the first place, even though it was her choice to do so.

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