76ers GM Daryl Morey Has ‘Giant Plans’ To Bring Another Star To Philly

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Should Daryl Morey get his way, Joel Embiid and (maybe) James Harden will be joined by another star in Philadelphia.

“Philly has dreams and plans, as (Philadelphia GM) Daryl Morey does,” ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said during an appearance on “Greeny.”

Windhorst, a longtime NBA insider, is as dialed into the league as almost anyone. He was steadfast in his belief that the 76ers’ general manager has his eye on a number of splash moves that could turn instantly turn the Sixers from disappointments to contenders.

“I promise you that Daryl Morey has big, giant plans to acquire another star,” Windhorst said. “Whether he’s going to execute it, I don’t know.”

Philly could certainly use the additional star power. Despite having championship aspirations, the Sixers were bested four games to two by the Miami Heat in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The Sixers’ poor post season showing prompted notable names like Steven A. Smith and Amar’e Stoudamire to blast the organization and more specifically, sometimes-star, James Harden.

“That performance by James Harden requires an investigation,” said Smith following Game Six. “How in God’s name you go 22 minutes in the second half and attempt one shot. It was a horrific performance. Anemic and impotent performance by James Harden.”

With Harden and his hefty contract likely staying in Philadelphia, Windhorst suggested that Morey’s move would center around a player on short-term deal that’s in win-now mode. “You would need a player, potentially near the end of his contract, to come and say, ‘I would like to go play in Philadelphia,'” Windhorst added. “Is that something that could happen? Maybe, we’ll see. I know that Philly, and Daryl, are going to try to make it happen.”

Talk about wishing upon a star.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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