67,000 Pediatricians Want School This Fall But Because Trump Wants It Too, Idiots Oppose It

Here is the problem. The Coronabros have seeded the idea that students shouldn’t go back to school this fall.

Donald Trump came out and said school needs to be back in session. 67,000 pediatricians said the same thing. Kids are 20 times as likely to die from the flu than the coronavirus.

But because Donald Trump said it, the pediatricians and all of the data doesn’t matter.

People opposed it because many of them have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Anything that Donald Trump says, idiots immediately say the opposite because they hate him.

The data here is not complicated.

All college campuses need to be open and all college athletics need to be taking place.

The media has school presidents and athletic directors panicked. Someone tweets something mean to them and they panic. They have no backbone. They don’t know how to handle the social media age.

They ought to live one day on Outkick — just to see what it’s like to be in the center of a hurricane.  Just to be in the center of perpetual media outrage.

That’s where Outkick lives. We are in the center of a storm every single day.

That’s what we do at Outkick. That’s what we do every single day.

We are 100% ready for it. These athletic directors and school presidents are not.

We need everyone to get active and let people know that you expect schools to be back open.

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  1. Just look at the backlash to what Jim Harbaugh said yesterday. Just look around you at people driving in their cars alone with a mask on, riding a bike with a mask on. This fear porn of the media is working, way too many folks are buying it.

    God help us that see through the fear.

  2. I did just this! After listening to your radio show and reading multiple Outkick articles, I compiled sources and wrote to the Archdiocese (my kids go to Catholic school). I emailed everyone who’s email was published on their website, whether they were involved with the schools or not. I got an email back that assured me that the plan was for kids to return to in-person school in the Fall, though the details haven’t been put forward yet.

    That being said, I can’t believe the amount of friends of mine who view going back as the government “trying to kill us and our children.” (Direct quote there!) The amount of people who don’t know math and that refuse to look at facts ASTOUNDS me.

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