61% Of Americans Base Gender On Birth Certificate According To Poll

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Does a person’s birth certificate define their gender?

A new poll has revealed that 61% of Americans believe that it does.

A recent NPR/Marist poll asked whether they thought that the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate was the only way to define male and female in society, or if that definition is antiquated and needs to be updated to include identity.

That seems to be a simple question, right? There needs to be a baseline of some kind concerning sex and gender. Whether the doctor marks M or F after they pull you out of your mom seems to be a good starting spot.

But let’s see what the people had to say, shall we?

The poll found that just over 6 in 10 adults believe the birth certificate is the way to go. Meanwhile, 36% thought it needed an update, while a blissfully-ignorant portion of those polled had no clue.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when broken down by political affiliation you see an overwhelming number of Republicans — 88% — say birth certificate sex is the end all be all. Meanwhile, 62% of independents said the same, but only 37% of Democrats fell into this camp.

The most surprising finding could be that this same question was asked about one year earlier and the results were significantly different.

Attitudes On Birth Certificates Defining Gender Are Changing In A Hurry

In May 2022, just 51% of adults agreed with birth certificate sex defining gender. It shot up 10% in 12 months. That’s wild. The 36% who say it’s antiquated in 2023, is down from 42% in 2022.

How could it jump like that? Well, you’ve been around for the last 12 months or so. I think we’ve got to assume the recent influx of insanity regarding sex and gender is the culprit.

In that 12 months, transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, despite their biological advantages has been a hot-button issue. I’m still not sure why though, because arguing about this is like trying to argue with a child about whether or not a stove is hot.

It is or isn’t and only one of you is correct. The other one is just being difficult (you know which is which in this instance).

Either way, it is, and I can’t help but think that those arguing in favor are hurting their case. We’ve got a Mayo Clinic doctor getting a stern talking to for saying testosterone plays a role in athletic performance. People are battling to allow kids to undergo sex change operations without their parents’ consent. Then you’ve got women trying to protect women’s sports from being invaded by biological men, a phenomenon cheered on by some of those who helped build women’s sports.

It’s ass-backwards, man.

Couple that with bizarre business-killing moves from the likes of Bud Light and Target, and no wonder people are starting to become more conservative on social issues like gender.

People can identify how they want. There’s no real harm in a vacuum. However, we don’t live in a vacuum.

So, for the sake of medicine, for the sake of sports, for the sake of the prison system, and more, identity needs to be overlooked in favor of biological sex. And, that just so happens to have been recorded on that nifty piece of paper the hospital gave your parents and then expects you to keep track of for the next 70+ years.

And it appears more people are recognizing that.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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