Joe Biden Reportedly Narrows Vice President Options to Four

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Joe Biden has narrowed his choice of potential vice president picks down to four, according to Mike Sington, Senior Executive at NBCUniversal: Val Demings, Elizabeth Warren, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Kamala Harris.

All four of these options have been widely discussed as running mates for Biden. 

It will be worth monitoring if Biden’s VP pick alters the polls at all. 

Right now, Biden has all the momentum. The election odds in the United Kingdom have shifted 8/13 to 6/4 in Biden’s favor over Donald Trump. Similarly, the latest Real Clear Politics polls all have Biden leading Trump.

But as 2016 taught us, polls can be very misleading.

Who should Biden pick?

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Ok ok ? Joe, which VP pick will tell you what to do and what to say best?

    I know which one ☝️.

    Hint: her husband looks a lot like Joe. And he Does what he is told. ‘Cause yeah … that’s what we want in a husband / … Uh POTUS …

    First time Joe, as … Uh … POTUS gets challenged by a bad foreign Power, Joe will do a Presser announcing sanctions similar to Jimmy Carter’s 1979 threat to Iran for holding our hostages. Anyone remember his threat!? And he carried out too!!! Iran is still shaking their collective heads.

    President Jimmy Carter said, ‘return our hostages or we will not light the National Christmas Tree!’ True story. I’m sure the vast Muslim country was pissed at the Christmas Tree not being Lit.

    Can’t wait to see which VP wife he picks … Hope his pick is televised … like Lebron’s ‘Taking his talents to Miami’ fiasco … ?

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