49ers Fans Fought Each Other In The Stands During Wild Card Win Over Seahawks

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Fan fights don’t end when playoffs arrive. Even fans rooting for the same team are willing to throw hands, or drinks, or even kicks if the battle gets heated enough. The best part might be that these fights will take place whether or not their teams win or lose.

One such fight took place during the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers Wild Card game last weekend at Levi’s Stadium. A few female 49ers fans threw down with each other, possibly during that tight first half.

49ers Fan Fight
49ers fans fight during Wild Card game (Image Credit: Twitter)

The fight has it all. There are punches, kicks, drinks thrown, as well as a poncho and a couple of fanny packs in the mix for good measure.

The video picks up the action already in progress. There’s a lady in a poncho down on the ground attempting to get back to her feet. And a couple of women equipped with fanny packs behind her that mean business.

As the lady in the poncho is making her way to her feet, one of the fanny pack wearing women throws a water bottle at her. The fanny pack wearer then kicks the fan in the poncho in the head and back as she stands up.

The fanny pack duo weren’t having any of the poncho lady. As things between the women start to calm down a couple of guys, out of nowhere, tumble down a few rows of seats. The men appear to be settling things using their words instead of fists as the video ends.

There Could Be A Lot Of 49ers Fan Fights This Weekend

All of this for the Seahawks? They are division rivals and it was a close first-half and all with the 49ers trailing 17-16 at halftime. But the 49ers ended up winning the game easily 41-23, as they ran away with the game in the second-half.

Bring the boxing gloves to Levi’s on Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys are coming to town and the chances that things go off the rails in the stands is much higher.

If things do get out of control don’t mess with any large women in tight pants who are carrying fanny packs. They’re not playing around.

Written by Sean Joseph

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