30L Boobs Provide TikToker With ‘Internal Shelf’

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12 hours prior to breast reduction surgery, a TikToker decided to show off her 30L boobs. Well, not necessarily the boobs themselves, but what said boobs are (or were) capable of. To be more specific, the TikToker showed her nearly 20,000 followers how her massive knockers serve as an “internal shelf.”

Sarah, or “flklre,” as she’s known on TikTok, showed off her extra storage for her massive following.

“So before I yeet my teet, I wanted to figure out all of the things that I can fit under my boobs,” said Sarah. She then added: “So this is going to be a video displaying my internal shelf.”

Watch below as Sarah unveils why she doesn’t necessarily need cupboards in her home.

@flklre planning a night in and i have just the perfect storage for all the necessities ! #staytunedforthebreastreduction #breastreductioncountdown #breastreduction #fyp ♬ Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from “Top Gun”) – Berlin

No Wasted Space

Once you’ve noticed how handy these fun bags were, you have to question why Ms. 30L wouldn’t hold onto them through the holiday. Nowhere to put the yams? Problem solved. Keep losing the turkey baster? She’s got you covered. Don’t want to give up channel-changing duties during Thanksgiving day football? Toss that clicker between those cans and go about your holiday.

Amongst the items that found room on Sarah’s internal shelf were a 32-once water bottle, a pair of hardback books and some scented candles.

TikToker Sarah fits a 32. ounce water bottle between her boobs. Photo c/o @flklre on TikTok.
Sarah had 30L boobs before breast reduction surgery. Photo c/o Photo c/o @flklre on TikTok.

TikToker Has More Where That Came From

Throughout the video, Sarah’s wearing a Maryland t-shirt. Though we’re not sure if her internal shelf can house crab cakes and football, we do know a few other items that could comfortably fit between her 30L boobs.

“Would you like…wine,” questioned Sarah before she pulled a bottle of red from between her boobs. A few seconds later she saved viewers from a Black Friday trip to Bed Bath & Beyond by offering up a pair of scented candles. “Do you want cranberry peppermint or cinnamon stick,” she asked before pulling off her own version of a Houdini routine.

A pair of candles fit between the 30L boobs of TikToker Sarah. Photo c/o Photo c/o @flklre on TikTok.

Four total pieces of literature also made their way to Sarah’s bookshelf, including a couple of Twilight books. But to be fair, the quartet of books were part of two separate reveals.

Her video doesn’t make any mention of stashing airplane bottles of liquor upstairs, but she likely has encountered similar issues with flying as 26-year-old IG model Jodie Juggs.

Props to Sarah for the laugh and making the breast of her surgery.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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