3-Year-Old Conor McGregor Jr. Looks Like He Could Beat Up Your Soft 3-Year-Old

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There’s bad news for all the dads out there who think their three-year-olds are the next Conor McGregors who will one day dominate the UFC and make enough money to buy 63-foot Lamborghini super yachts. Conor McGregor has sex, and one of his nights in the sack turned into Conor McGregor Jr. who, according to the photos out of dad’s training camp, could kick your three-year-old’s ass inside the octagon.

Can your three-year-old throw a head kick? Can your toddler apply double underhooks? Is he trained in the art of destroying an opponent via leg kicks? Is your toddler trained by the guy who owns the record for MMA pay-per-view buys? Hey Brad in Clearwater, it isn’t looking good for your toddler when he eventually gets in the octagon to face The Notorious Jr.

This kid is a trained assassin and probably has a hard time counting to 10. Will Notorious Jr. end up a fighter? Dad says it’s clearly on the table.

“He’d certainly be able for it, he’s certainly built for it,” McGregor told UFC’s Megan Olivi early in 2020 before UFC 246. “Before I came here today, we had this American football and we’re playing it in the grass.

“He’s into fighting and [he] likes football (soccer) as well so you never know.”

“Whatever my son wants to do, whatever my children want to do, they will have the backing of their father. I will be behind them, fully supporting it.”

Good luck to the Dustins in Louisville and Steves in St. Louis who think their boys will eventually be world champions at 144, 155 or 170 pounds. You have to figure Junior will want to duplicate and then go even further than his father’s career. Floyd Mayweather Jr. probably has a three-year-old running around somewhere who’ll eventually want to earn a billion in Abu Dhabi fighting Notorious Jr.

The future is here.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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