3 Bets for Packers-Saints

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Before tonight’s Sunday Night Football‘s Packers-Saints matchup, sign up for the FanDuel Sportsbook here.

Let’s look at the best bets of the night, via FanDuel:

First Touchdown Scorer

Always a fun one.

Aaron Rodgers at +3200 is the best value pick on the board. It’s too enticing not to take. His scrambling ability will be on full display against a Saints defense that looked lost against the Raiders.

At +1500, Jamaal Williams is worth a look.

Drew Brees Passing TDs — Over/Under 2.5

Easy money: under -200.

Drew Brees plays football at 41. And now plays football like a 41-year-old. Against a struggling Raiders defense, Brees showed alarming limitations. Green Bay can get to the passer. Without Michael Thomas, it is Alvin Kamara’s offense.

If it were 1.5, I’d still take the under.

Packers +3.5

Green Bay is the better team. Rodgers vs. Brees is not an even fight. Brees is finished; Rodgers is back to G.O.A.T. status.

Tonight, the Packers’ run game lights it up and the defense gets off the field.

I’m predicting a blowout.

Packers, 37-24

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  1. So am I getting this right…Aa-ron Rodgers HAS TO PHYSICALLY RUN ACROSS THE GOAL LINE…at +3,200…32 to 1…and that’s the BEST VALUE PICK on the board.
    Damn…can you guys send me some of what you’re smoking? I’ll pay shipping.

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