29-Year-Old Woman Enrolled In A New Jersey High School

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A 29-year-old New Jersey woman tried to recapture some of her youth by enrolling in a local high school. Her run as a high school student lasted just four days before she was arrested.

Hyejeong Shin was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly using a fake birth certificate to enroll as a student at New Brunswick High School. She was charged with providing a false government document.

“Ms. Shin provided a false birth certificate to the New Brunswick Board of Education with the intent to enroll as a juvenile high school student,” the New Brunswick Police said of the arrest.

29-Year-Old Woman Enrolled In A New Jersey High School
29-year-old enrolled in New Brunswick High School (Image Credit: CBS News/Flickr)

New Jersey law allows for students to be admitted without any documentation. Students are given 30 days to provide the proper paperwork so that the school can confirm their identity.

This means Shin sold herself a little short here. It sounds like she had a 30 day run as a high school student all lined up. Coughing up that fake birth certificate so quickly really cost her.

There wasn’t any information as to why she wanted to go back to high school, but you can do a lot of damage in a month as an adult enrolled in high school. Just look at what some of the teachers are doing.

The superintendent of New Brunswick Schools, Dr. Aubrey Johnson, released a statement on the arrest. Dr. Johnson said, “Last week, an adult female posing as a student filed false documents and so gained provisional admittance to our high school.”

“Following the established protocols that are part of our vetting process, members of our staff discovered the deception and promptly barred her from entering any district property,” the doctor continued.

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“The well-being of our students, staff, and community are of utmost importance to us, and we will continue working with the police department and our other partners in addressing this matter.”

What the good doctor doesn’t realize here is they could have a major situation on their hands. The no documentation of 30 days is crazy. The state might want to seriously consider revisiting that law.

When people realize that they don’t have to provide documentation for 30 days the floodgates might open up. This could spark some copycats.

We’re talking about high school campuses in New Jersey looking like the set of the original 90210. Nobody wants to see that happen.

Written by Sean Joseph

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