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Be careful if you eat black licorice

I used to work with a guy who had trouble after eating too much black licorice. I seem to remember him saying it caused bad kidney stones or some major issue and the doctor told him he had to cut way back on the licorice. Then, this morning I’m going through the NY Post, and wouldn’t you know it some guy in Massachusetts has died from eating a bag and half of black licorice every day for two weeks.

Remember, black licorice in moderation. Let’s not risk your life over the candy.

In gambling news, someone hit a $3.8 million Wheel of Fortune slot at Grand Lodge Casino at Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. I have rules if this happens in Vegas — jump on the first flight after routing the money to your bank account. It would be ideal to hit for $3.8 million in Tahoe. You get in the rented Yukon and go for a drive, suck down some fresh air, clear your head from thinking about doing some fun gambling with $400k of your winnings.

The really good news is this Grand Lodge Casino doesn’t have crazy clubs where casino managers can get you loaded and separate you from that money you just won. Go get a nice dinner, drink the finest wine and get ready to be on that HGTV My Lottery Dream Home show.

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