2024 Presidential Election Gambling Odds

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As we exit 2020 and enter 2021, the 2024 presidential election may be the last thing on your minds. However, the jockeying is already beginning behind the scenes. A large swath of powerful politicians, business leaders, and big personalities think 78-year-old Joe Biden could be a one-and-done. They also saw Donald Trump win in 2016 and think that could be them.

Over at the UK book Paddy Power, which is owned by Flutter, which also owns OutKick’s gambling partner FanDuel, here are the current gambling odds for the 2024 presidential election:

Joe Biden: 4-1
Kamala Harris: 5-1
Donald Trump: 8-1
Nikki Haley: 10-1
Mike Pence: 10-1
Pete Buttigieg: 14-1
AOC: 18-1
Eric Trump: 18-1
Donald Trump Jr.: 18-1
Ivanka Trump: 18-1
Beto O’Rourke: 22-1
Paul Ryan: 25-1
Eric Holder: 25-1
Dan Crenshaw: 33-1
Bernie Sanders: 33-1
Oprah Winfrey: 33-1
Tom Cotton: 33-1
Marco Rubio: 33-1
Elizabeth Warren: 35-1
Mike Pompeo: 40-1
Deval Patrick: 40-1
Michelle Obama: 40-1
Tulsi Gabbard: 40-1
Eric Swalwell: 40-1
Eric Garcetti: 40-1
Tucker Carlson: 50-1
Jay Inslee: 50-1
Tim Ryan: 50-1
Hillary Clinton: 50-1
Cory Booker: 50-1
Margaret Hassan: 50-1
Julian Castro: 50-1
Andrew Yang: 50-1
JB Pritzker: 50-1
Sherrod Brown: 50-1
Philip Murphy: 50-1
Kanye West: 50-1
Tammy Duckworth: 50-1
John Hickenlooper: 50-1
Joe Kennedy III: 66-1
Kirsten Gillibrand: 66-1
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock): 66-1
Mike Gravel: 66-1
Ben Sasse: 66-1
Gretchen Whitmer: 66-1
Mike Bloomberg: 66-1
Tim Kaine: 66-1
Susan Collins: 75-1
Lisa Murkowski: 75-1
Jeb Bush: 80-1
Tom Brady: 80-1
Mark Cuban: 80-1
Joni Ernst: 80-1
John Kasich: 80-1
George Clooney: 80-1
Leonardo DiCaprio: 80-1
Nancy Pelosi: 80-1
Kim Kardashian: 80-1
Orrin Hatch: 80-1
Oscar De La Hoya: 80-1
Mike Dewine: 80-1
Terry McAuliffe: 80-1
Jared Kushner: 80-1
Catherine Cortez-Masto: 80-1
Rahm Emanuel: 80-1
Howard Schultz: 80-1
Ben Carson: 80-1
Chris Murphy: 80-1
Ted Cruz: 80-1
Steve Bullock: 80-1
Amy Klobuchar: 80-1
Trey Gowdy: 80-1
Jesse Ventura: 80-1
Mitt Romney: 80-1
Scott Walker: 80-1
Michael Bennet: 80-1
Evan McMullin: 100-1
Kelly Loeffler: 100-1
Wayne Messam: 100-1
John McAfee: 100-1
John Kerry: 100-1
Seth Moulton: 100-1
Marianne Williamson: 100-1
Mitch McConnell: 100-1
Sally Yates: 100-1
Jason Kander: 100-1
Lindey Graham: 100-1
Jeff Flake: 100-1
Jeff Mattis: 100-1
Rand Paul: 100-1
Richard Ojeda: 100-1
Tom Steyer: 100-1
Jeff Merkley: 100-1
Jamie Dimon: 100-1
Gavin Newsom: 100-1
Ray Dalio: 100-1
Chris Christie: 100-1
William H. McRaven: 100-1
John Delaney: 100-1
Condoleezza Rice: 150-1
Lara Trump: 150-1
Kayleigh McEnany: 150-1
Vincent Viola: 150-1
Stormy Daniels: 150-1
Andrew Gillum: 150-1
Rick Perry: 150-1
Carolina Kennedy: 150-1
Beyonce: 150-1
Bobby Jindal: 150-1
Bill de Blasio: 150-1
Carly Fiorina: 150-1
Gary Johnson: 175-1
Sarah Palin: 175-1
James Comey: 175-1
Justin Amash: 175-1
Rick Santorum: 175-1
Michael Avenatti: 200-1
Ann Coulter: 200-1
Sidney Powell: 275-1
Lin Wood: 275-1
Jon Voight: 275-1
Betsy DeVos: 275-1
Kimberly Guilfoyle: 275-1
Vince McMahon: 275-1
Steve Bannon: 275-1
Bob Iger: 275-1
Rufus Gifford: 275-1
Roy Cooper: 275-1
Ben Shapiro: 275-1
Chelsea Clinton: 275-1
Angelina Jolie: 275-1
Mitch Landrieu: 275-1
Eminem: 275-1
Neil deGrasse Tyson: 275-1
Bill Gates: 275-1
Mark Zuckerberg: 275-1
Amanda Abbington: 500-1
Jim Gilmore: 500-1
Howie Hawkins: 500-1
Al Franken: 500-1
Marty Walsh: 500-1
Jill Stein: 500-1
Jo Jorgensen: 500-1
Meg Whitman: 500-1

Just on first look, I see some value here on Donald Trump (8-1), Mayor Pete (14-1), Tucker Carlson (50-1), Mark Cuban (80-1), and maybe a nibble on Al Franken at 500-1. Michelle Obama at 40-1 is also a little intriguing, as the question is at least as much about if she’d want to do it as her electability.

Some of the odds don’t make any sense. For example, how could Oscar De La Hoya be on the same level as Mark Cuban, be over three times as likely as Bob Iger and six times as likely as Al Franken? Stormy Daniels also has better odds than several people who could actually conceivably win.

What bets do you like on this board?

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. I really don’t see a winner on that list, at least not near the top. I suspect a grass roots moderate republican will emerge. Could be Tucker but I think he’s smart enough to avoid that meat grinder.

    My pick would be Condi Rice, if she wanted the job, I think she’d take it in a walk-over. But like Tucker I think she’s wise enough to know better.

  2. It needs to be someone outside of the establishment who isn’t a politician. You can’t trust a politician to do the right thing. They’re all on somebody’s dole, and we can’t have that anymore. We need a leader committed to America and Americans above all else, not a party.

  3. How can a Republican ever win the office of President again when the Entire media, Big Tech, Wall Street, and other major sources of information will collude to get the Democratic nominee elected? Beyond that, when all the corrupt Democratic run cities in every contested state can blast out millions of unsolicited ballots, and then refuse to verify the signatures on the votes cast with the signatures of voter register cards on file, the Republicans will never win another Presidential race. We all saw the Trump was crushing Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, etc. Then by some coincidence of nature, all these states “found” thousands of ballots all for Biden in the middle of the night. We all know what happened, but the media/Democratic party attempts to shame anyone who has the temerity to state openly that the emperor has no clothes. The results completely defy credulity and I dont believe there will ever be a remotely fair election again. Why would there be when the courts refuse to even hear any evidence of voter fraud so the Democrats know they can fabricate just enough votes to win those heavily contested states. My only hope is that the Democrats nominate a candidate who hasnt been a corrupt Washington politician for 50 years like Biden. I think a dark horse to consider could be Tulsi Gabbert!

    • I totally agree with Jeff. As long as they control the media, we are fighting a losing battle. It’s not what happens that counts, it what people think happened that counts. Just like, it’s not who votes that count, it’s who counts the vote that count.

  4. The evil deep state establishment dummy puppet, mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal pervert racist bribe taking China owned Joe Biden won’t be in office for more than a few months before they force him out and install the bigger dummy puppet, the cackling communist hooker Krapmala Giggles Harris.

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