Last-Minute Gift Guide For Women: What He REALLY Wants This Year (Besides That)

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Last week, I gave men the ultimate gift guide for the women in their lives. Men, I’m trusting you’ve already taken the initiative and ordered something (or multiple things) from that list. If you haven’t even thought about Christmas gifts yet, you’re quite brave and I am in awe of your audacity. I’m also a little terrified for you because you’re living pretty dangerously. But women do love a bad boy… so maybe this will come full circle for you? Only time will tell.

Anyways. Now it’s the women’s turn to wrap up something special for the men in their lives. Before I begin my list, I’m just going to address the humongous elephant in the room: SEX. We are all fully aware that the main gift request every man would make, if given the chance, is the wish for more sex. It’s a little mind boggling to us women: here we are offering to buy you smooth-as-butter sweatpants, a genuine leather travel bag and a luxury face cream kit– dream gifts if we’ve ever seen them– and you’d rather just have pure, unadulterated sexy-time. I guess we should thank you for saving us money?

So, let’s just go ahead and make “More Sex” the unspoken No. 1 on this list and move on. Now for No. 2…

Vuori Sunday Performance Joggers
These are flattering and more tailored than most sweatpants. The description on the website says: “Lightweight sweatpants sporting multiple zip pockets for stowing keys and energy gels.” Are guys in joggers just walking around pounding energy gels? Men are “stowing” energy gels–plural– in their pants? This is really eye-opening for me. My husband stows Reese’s cups in his pants on the regular, which are probably around the same size of energy gels, so I guess I should order these for him.

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Nike Killshot 2 Leather Sneakers
Surprisingly, shoes are an extremely polarizing topic for OutKick readers. (I know this because I wrote an OutKick article on men’s shoes and got called everything from a whore to a c**t for voicing my opinions on men’s footwear. What a time to be alive!) At the risk of upsetting anyone, I’m (nervously) including these sneakers on this list because they’re classic and cool and are periodically sold out. So grab ’em while they’re hot. Okay, now I’m sweating– moving on before I ruffle any feathers! 

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Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector
Moms: if you want to have a girls’ night out and leave your husband in charge of the kids and know that everyone will have fun while you’re gone, buy him this mini projector. It will make movies and TV shows up to 100 inches big anywhere in your home. Add some popcorn, candy and comfy pillows, and you’ve got an awesome movie theater in your living room. Disclaimer: your husband might use this to project sports enormously onto your bedroom wall in the evenings, so buy at your own risk.

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Ukeg Go
I don’t drink beer and know nothing about kegs, but this thing seems to be pretty popular amongst the menfolk. This growler has a double-wall vacuum insulation to keep beer cold with optimal carbonation for weeks, so your husband can take it to his favorite brewery and have his go-to pour on tap for the foreseeable future. If this thing can keep my white wine fresh and chilled too, then it’s a no-brainer.

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Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt
My husband lives in Faherty Brand clothes, so I can vouch that they’re well-made and comfortable. Branded as one of the line’s best-selling shirts, this sweater-shirt is super soft and cozy with a rugged flannel style. It’s perfect for layering as the temps fall and perfect for making him look pulled together in a flash. 

via Faherty

Vinyl Record Player
For the man who has it all. When you’ve already bought him every wallet, grill tool, pajama set and pair of socks under the sun, it’s time to move onto cool yet highly unnecessary things like vinyl record players he can listen to in the evenings while sipping on a cocktail. Or just have it sit there and collect dust, but at least his other dad friends will see it and think he’s a hip, cool dad. And isn’t that all that really matters anyway?

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Oversized Waterproof Travel Bag
Made of leather and waterproof canvas, this durable travel bag is perfect for business trips, carry-on flight bags and even those weird Fantasy Football group trips guys take. It looks great, it’s reasonably priced and it’s oversized to easily hold all the necessities.

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Charging Hub
Charging hubs are not sexy or exciting or on anyone’s Christmas list, but they’re very necessary– kind of like my boobs while breastfeeding all of my children. My husband doesn’t have one, but I’m definitely getting him this because the rat’s nest of cables and cords next to his side of the bed is about to give me a stroke. This one can charge four devices simultaneously– phones, tablets, and smart watches alike– and looks streamlined and simple compared to other models.

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Jack Black Deluxe Carry Set
One of my resolutions for 2022 is to get my husband to start caring about skincare. This goal is about as lofty as the goal I’ve had since 1997 (and have failed at since 1997) of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but I’m still going to try, ok?? I’m not a quitter. I’m hoping this deluxe set will get him excited about washing his face and moisturizing and doing all the damn things I have to do on a daily basis just to look semi-presentable.

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Zella Zip Hoodie
If your husband’s non-work wardrobe has his college football team’s emblem plastered on every single item in his closet, it’s time to change that. Zella is a great athleisure brand that looks trendy yet laidback, and he can layer this over T-shirts or under heavier jackets on colder days. 

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Direction Rocks Glass
If your man has been drinking out of random, mismatched glasses (or even better, your kid’s Paw Patrol cups) then it’s time to get him a proper set of classy yet masculine glasses. Whether he sips bourbon out of these or sips some sort of fruity pink cocktail with an umbrella (my husband’s choice, he’s confident in his manhood), nice glasses will elevate the experience. 

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Written by Hayley Simmons

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