2020’s Most & Least Stressed Cities in America: Where Did Your City End Up?

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I wasn’t going to address this Most & Least Stressed Cities in America report from Wallethub.com, but then the more I thought about it, the more it needs to be addressed because of the misery that’s out there in this country. Those who are miserable will click on a clickbait headline to see if their city made the list and justify their misery. It’s a giant vortex of suck and we might as well embrace it.

Let’s get down to business here: Cleveland, Ohio is the most stressed city in the United States, according to the study. Lincoln, Nebraska is the least stressed. Wallethub used 42 metrics to come to its conclusion. Those metrics were filtered into four categories and while Cleveland’s ‘Work Stress’ wasn’t horrible, the Mistakes By The Lake dominated the other three stress rankings: money, family and health. Just absolute domination by Clevelanders.

Ohio as a whole dominated the Top 20 by placing four cities within striking distance of getting a place in the Stress Playoff Final Four. Not surprisingly Alabama was in the mix with three cities making the Top 20. And you wonder why these states place such huge emphasis on college football — when the rest of your life sucks, all that’s left is pigskin. Imagine the stress levels if college football is called off in these states. Through…the…roof. Add in the Browns and it’s not hard to see the genuine misery in Cleveland.

As for the least stressed, we’re talking cities that aren’t especially burdened with filth and despair. Lincoln, Nebraska (the last time I was there) has its beautiful downtown warehouse district where people can enjoy craft beers and the glory days of Husker football. Boise has all the tech nerds who have been living in town since the late 90s and are multi-millionaires. Their big stress is finding the next trail they want to ride on their fat tire bikes.

The full 182-city list is here.

Source: WalletHub
via Wallethub.com

Least stressed cities:

via Wallethub.com

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