Sam Amico’s 2020 NBA Draft Pick-By-Pick Instant Analysis

Total80 Minnesota: Anthony Edwards, SG, GeorgiaComment: His pro-day was unimpressive, but he’s been compared to Dwyane Wade and Victor Oladipo, both also coached by Tom Crean. So, hey, why not? I do wonder how this pick sits with last year’s first-rounder, Jarrett Culver, also a shooting guard. Golden State: James Wiseman, C, MemphisComment: They lost More

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Written by Sam Amico


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  1. “ Phoenix: Jalen Smith, PF, Maryland
    Comment: We have reached the point of the draft where I have to start Googling people. Guess he’s supposed to be a nice player. Who really knows? ”

    Uhhh… Smith was a five star recruit, McDonalds All American, the best player at a ranked P5 school that won its conference, was named first team All B1G and third team All American, and was included in the first round of virtually every mock draft for the last several months. If this is the point where you need to “start Googling people,” that may say more about your ability to provide post-draft analysis than the pick itself.

  2. The Pacers might have gotten the steal of the draft with Cassius Stanley (Duke) in the second round. NBA body, explosive athlete, great work ethic, and high IQ. Can make any shot on the offensive end, and great defensively. People were saying about him last year that it does not matter what happens with him in college, he has NBA game and is ready now. When he was in high school he was in a workout 1v1 against KCP, a good defender in the NBA, and was getting his shot off as a high schooler and he’s even way better now. Keep an eye on him. My Cavs got a great pick in Okoro. Already a great defender, another explosive athlete. People question his offense but he’s and underrated passer, can get to the rim, post game, great cutter and showed flashes of creating off the dribble. I think he has a chance to develop a similar game to Kawhi where he can really shoot it in the mid-range in a multitude of ways. I like what he said in an interview where this off-season he put up thousands of shots and that what it takes. He known for great work ethic as well. Anyone at high level will tell you, like the great Kobe Bryant once said, great shooters are made not born.

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