2013 BCS Title Drinking Game

Okay, it’s here, the final college football game of 2012.

And how does the OKTC readership celebrate and mourn at the same time?

With a drinking game, of course.

You guys can play along with the hashtag, #bcsdrink.

Here are the 12 rules for BCS drink.

1. Each time Brent Musburger calls Kirk Herbstreit, “Herby,” drink.

This one will add up in a hurry, so pace yourselves.

2. Mant’i Te’o is the most overhyped player in the game.

Every time they show an instant replay of Te’o not making a play, drink.

This will happen. 

A ton.  

3. If Nick Saban smiles, do a shot.

Note: you will not do a shot for this.

But if Nick Saban is compared to Bear Bryant, drink to the count of nine, that’s how many combined titles the two men have.

4. Every time the SEC’s BCS title dominance is mentioned, drink. 

To be fair, this is probably enough to get you drunk standing by itself. 

If the SEC dominance is rendered via graphic, you must drink for as long as the graphic is on the television.  

5. Johnny Manziel is not playing in the BCS title game…yet.

But he’ll still be mentioned on tonight’s broadcast.

Drink every time he’s mentioned.

If he’s shown live on television, do a shot.

If Musburger sighs and says, “Partner, does that kid ever pull some trim,” finish your bottle of liquor.

6. When Musburger makes a comment that alludes to the betting line, either directly or indirectly, drink.

Which side do you think Musberger played?

I think he took Notre Dame and the points.

7. Drink every time the tradition of Notre Dame or Alabama is mentioned.

When the inevitable graphic featuring the two team’s tradition is shown, you have to drink as long as the graphic is on television.

8. When Eddie Lacy’s spin move is referenced, drink.

The Eddie Lacy spin move is now the most famous move in college football.

Get ready to drink a ton with this one.

9. Drink each time Brian Kelly or Nick Saban to the NFL is mentioned.

If the tape of Nick Saban saying he won’t be the coach at Alabama is shown, do a shot.

10. When the national championship trophy is shown during the game, drink. 

The trophy will probably make an appearance four or five times. Just the trophy, sitting by itself.  

11. Each time that Bama’s T.J. Yeldon or Amari Cooper are described as freshmen, drink.

If the game is going well for Bama, this will be mentioned a ton.

12. Whenever they show a hot coed in the crowd, drink.

Have y’all noticed that the cameras have been showing more hot girls in the crowds this year? I think we’re having an impact.  

That’s it’s, guys.

I’m heading over the to the stadium shortly so you guys can take control of #bcsdrink from here.

I can’t wait for kickoff.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.