1st Five Play in Yankees vs. Angels

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If I told you that one team in this game was coming in off of a sweep, you’d assume that the Yankees swept the trash Atheltics team in Oakland. But, they split their series with the A’s. On the other side, the Angels swept the Blue Jays in Toronto. Still, the Yankees are nearly 30 games over .500. The Angels are 20 games under.

I do think the Angels have an uphill battle in this game, and a lot of that is due to travel. Even though it was in the middle of the day yesterday, the Angels played in Toronto. The Yankees just had to travel down the coast a bit in order to get ready for today’s game. The Angels are having Jose Suarez pitch tonight. He’s been okay overall on the year, but has seen some struggles come at home. August has been a solid enough month for him with just six earned runs allowed in 22.2 innings. He is a bit streaky, and in his past two starts, he has allowed three earned runs in each of them, going just 5.1 innings.

The Yankees have Frankie Montas pitching for them. Montas should be extremely familiar with Angel Stadium having pitched for Oakland for so long. He did pitch against the Angels twice this year, one time was shortened due to an injury. The other start he went six innings and allowed just two earned runs. Montas has two good starts and two bad starts for the Yankees. I think he will be fine tonight and do think it will be the Angels that struggle to get things going.

I think our best bet in this one is over 4 runs through five innings. I think we can see Jose Suarez give up his typical two or three runs, and then Montas will likely allow a run or two which should get us the five we need to win. Over 4 runs through -125.

Written by David Troy

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