1990s Actresses On Instagram, New NFL Combine Vertical Record & Clay Does Dogsledding In Utah

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Week 2 of 1990s Instagram actresses & I’m not sure how long this can last

Guys, I have some bad news for those of you who like the 1990s actresses on Instagram theme I busted out last week. It turns out, many of the actresses you loved from 25 years ago aren’t exactly active on social media, and those that are tend not to come across as being in a very good mood.

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re going to have a bunch of women ripping them for wrinkles or skin that doesn’t look like it did 25 years ago. Maybe it’s because they’re raising children and they’re flat-out tired. Maybe it’s because there’s a transition in their careers where they have to reinvent themselves as actresses and it’s incredibly stressful when you used to be on the cover of magazines. It might also be that normal life has taken over and life has become mundane.

Whatever the case, the 1990s actresses on Instagram that are in their 40s and dealing with life just aren’t in the mood. Many are clearly living an activist lifestyle so they can build up imaginary street cred with their friends who try to out-vegan each other. Some have gone incredibly political, as you’d expect. Some are in ‘save the world’ mode.

And then there’s someone like Salma Hayek just out doing her thing. Why do I keep posting Salma? So some of these 1990s actresses can take notes. Let’s mix in some fun with the ‘I voted’ posts, ladies. Treat yourself to a vacation. Smile a little bit. These women in their 40s who used to have the world by the balls act like life is ending. Salma is clearly showing you the way. Study up.

• Last night, I finally got around to watching the Golf Channel special on Jack Nicklaus and how he went about mentally fatiguing opponents to win titles. One thing I noticed was how Jack could remember the most mundane details from each title. Having talked to a few athletes in my day, the one thing that continually sticks out is how these guys can remember so many small details from their careers. I’ve written in Caps before about an interview with Matthew Stafford that I was in on where he could remember exact moments from worthless preseason games. I’m sure there’s some psychologist out there that can explain this phenomenon to me. Hit me up in the DMs.

• It looks like the beverage companies aren’t done with the seltzer market. Anheuser-Busch has yet another variation coming out, and this time it’s an agave spiked seltzer. Remember, A-B hasn’t had a full summer of normal activity since debuting Bud Light seltzer in 2020. The company is clearly banking on people sitting on their patios and suckin’ down seltzers like crazy. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

• Remember….the First Four starts tonight at 5:10 ET on TruTV. Get your apps set. Figure out what channel TruTV is on your cable box. Get set. We’re ready to tip.

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  1. I honestly still don’t know who Moon Fry is. Great attempt at 90’s humans still worth looking at, but it is fair to say that as a steady roll, slim pickins. Wishful thinking from a bunch of old farts. You Joe, shall be held harmless.

  2. Winnie, Buffy, and Punky….ok Joe you found my weaknesses.

    Although I remember Soleil more from Sabrina the Teenage Witch…which is interesting…has Melissa Joan Hart declared herself back yet?

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