19-Year-Old Tiger Stadium Custodian Arrested For Beating LSU Fan, Stealing Wallet After Game

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Baton Rouge police arrested 19-year-old Gary Ramses Walker, a custodian assigned to work a bathroom at LSU’s Tiger Stadium, for attacking and robbing LSU fan Danny Dwyer after the October 24 game against South Carolina. Police say Walker hit Dwyer over the head with a broom handle before stealing the man’s wallet.

Dwyer, a 25-year season ticket holder, said he stayed until the LSU band finished playing after the game and stopped by a restroom on his way out. That’s when the attack occurred.

“There were two hard blows to the back of my head,” Dwyer told police. “And as I was on the floor, the person continued to hit me on the back of the head. And probably rained down 14-15 blows.”

“I didn’t rob nobody,” Walker told TV station WAFB. “They got the wrong guy.” According to a quick Google search, Walker was arrested in August for possession of a controlled substance and “introduction of contraband into a jail.”

Dwyer’s daughter-in-law wrote about the incident on Facebook, adding that he had only about $100 and a few credit cards on him at the time:

My sweet father-in-law (FIL), a long time LSU season ticket holder, loving husband, son, father and grandpa, was attacked from behind and robbed at the urinal while using the LSU stadium bathroom near his section on the lower level of the South End zone with police just outside. He was in the bathroom along with a few other fans once the LSU vs South Carolina game had ended and people were leaving the stadium on October 24, 2020. The attacker was sweeping the bathroom floor. Once my FIL was the only remaining fan in the bathroom the attacker locked the front entrance to bathroom, hit my FIL over the head several times until he fell to the floor and then continued to beat him. He seemed to get angry that my FIL was still conscious and yelled, “ Stay down Mother F*cker!”. He took my FIL’s wallet that contained possibly $100 or less in cash along with credit cards. The attacker exited out of the back bathroom entrance/exit ( No cameras in this area). My FIL was able to get up and go to Stadium/ campus police that were near to report the attack.
via Facebook
via Facebook

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