Aides Hid Nursing Home Deaths As Cuomo Sought Massive Book Deal, Report Says

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With every new report, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems like even less of a stand-up guy than we thought. Between multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and claims he covered up the number of COVID-related deaths in New York, well, Cuomo’s approval rating hasn’t exactly been off the charts lately.

Now comes a new New York Times piece claiming Cuomo hid the actual number of nursing home deaths to help lock in a $4 million advance for his book about his leadership during COVID. Obviously, the idea behind the book would be to spin Cuomo as some sort of pandemic hero. In reality, it turns out he was basically the opposite of that.

The Times became the first Democrat-endorsing publication to turn against Cuomo and has been slamming him ever since. The latest report says that his aides were primarily responsible for covering up the nursing home death toll while he sought his book deal.

This news comes a little more than a month after multiple reports claimed Cuomo’s top aides rewrote a report on COVID nursing home deaths and significantly undercounted the death toll attributed to long-term residents.

The report, penned in July, examined factors that led to the spread of the virus in nursing homes. It focused solely on the residents who died inside long term care facilities — and purposely left out those residents who were sent to hospitals after testing positive for or becoming ill with the virus and who later died there.

“As a result, the report said 6,432 nursing-home residents had died — a significant undercount of the death toll attributed to the state’s most vulnerable population,” The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources. “The initial version of the report said nearly 10,000 nursing-home residents had died in New York by July last year.”

However, this latest strike against Cuomo may also distract the public from his alleged creepiness. President Joe Biden himself recently weighed in on the sexual misconduct accusations.

When Biden was asked if Cuomo should resign, he said, ““Yes. I think he’ll probably end up being prosecuted, too.”

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. Old people vote Republican. Cuomo is a wannabe Tony Soprano. This was his way of rubbing out his perceived enemies while simultaneously basking in the media glow. The man, and his family, are despicable, self-aggrandizing sociopaths.

    • “Radioactive is an apt description”. Cuomo crossed two lines when it comes to insider Democrat rules. He’s used up all his political usefulness and the normally fawning media is no longer able to cover for him. Deblasio has been chipping away at him as well because he probably thinks he is going to be the next governor. Cuomo is beyond having my shame and to this point won’t resign. We’ll see if the feckless Dems in NY have the courage to impeach him.

  2. Republicans are pathetic. If Cuomo had been a Republican, the Democrats would put pressure on him every day to resign, and the media would also call for him to leave with round-the-clock coverage.

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