11-Year-Old One-Armed Slugger Tommy Morrissey Crushes Home Runs In Cooperstown

Remember this name — Tommy Morrissey.

The 11-year-old baseball player who shot to fame as a one-armed golf prodigy lit it up last week in Cooperstown where he crushed his first two over-the-fence home runs while taking home ‘Play of the Week honors from Cooperstown All-Star Village.

Morrissey, who has been featured on HBO, The Ellen Show, Golf Channel and credits for Tiger Woods for inspiring a “heart of mentality in me,” is about to see himself on SportsCenter for one specific home run where he went yard on a breaking pitch that was deposited over the all-star village left-field wall with the use of his left arm.

It was such an impressive shot that the umpire working home plate needed to get ‘five’ from Tommy as he rolled towards home plate to celebrate with his teammates.

This was his second home run of the week:

Tommy’s first home run might be even more impressive than the bomb he hit to left. The first shot was hit to the opposite field.

Hit my first over the fence home run at my first at bat in my first game at my first trip to Cooperstown NY. It’s also my first game since losing my PaPa a week ago. I must have had a #guardianangel today. Thank you PaPa,” Tommy wrote on Instagram.

Those of you who’ve hit home runs over the course of your baseball career understand the strength it takes to hit a bomb as a pull hitter. Now think about having one arm and going to the opposite field.

Go ahead and take a practice swing like you’re swinging a tennis raquet. Now tell me this performance shouldn’t earn Tommy multiple ESPYs here in a few days when ESPN holds that annual show.

While we’ve all seen Jim Abbott do incredible things on a baseball diamond with the use of one arm, it’s incredibly rare to see a professional baseball hitter with the use of one arm. In fact, researchers believe Pete Gray of the St. Louis Browns is the only hitter to have ever played Major League Baseball with one arm. During the 1945 season, Gray hit .218 with 51 hits, six doubles and two triples.

It just happens that the glove Gray used resides at the Baseball Hall of Fame, just up the road from where Morrissey hit those home runs over the last week.

You’ve been warned. Tommy Morrissey is an athlete who just wants it more than those with two arms. There’s no doubt this name is going to be somewhere in the sports world for years to come.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I see they changed the name for this tourney I did Cooperstown dreamspark when I was 12 was the greatest memory I’ll ever have in my young sports career. 96 Teams, an entire week with the homies in a bunkhouse, Pin trading galore the first two days, Games all day everyday on legit fields like these. Can’t get any better and we finished 5th out of 96 in that Tourney great times. Oh and had our Starting pitcher the first game of the tourney throw a perfecto.

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