105-Year-Old Shoots Her Shot With Tim Tebow & Gets A Special Birthday Message

You want some good news this week? Well here you go, courtesy of Tim Tebow who’s always there to cheer people up when life starts to get a little rough or the world seems like it’s going to implode. Last week, WJTV reporter Anna Farish told the story of Cora Belle Edison who was celebrating her 105th birthday and had one special birthday wish — to meet Tebow.

The story goes that Ms. Edison had a special place in her heart for the way Tebow played football, the way he carried himself and his devotion to the Lord. One thing led to another, and someone from Team Tebow heard about the 105-year-old woman’s wish. That led to a special video message for Ms. Edison from none other than Tebow himself.

“Hey, Mrs. Edison. It’s Tim Tebow. I wanted to make this video and to say happy birthday. I know last Tuesday you turned 105 years old, and that is so incredible,” the former NFL quarterback and Heisman winner said to his admirer.

“I also know we have a lot in common. I know that you have five children, and I’m the baby of five, so we have that in common, and I know that you were a nurse, and you love helping people and that’s also what I feel called to do. But most importantly, I know that you love the Lord, which is most important.

“I know that you have left such a legacy with so many people in the way that you have given, in the way that you have shared, in the way that you have cared, and the way that you have loved. But most importantly, you’ve done all of those things because you love Jesus because he first loved us. So I want to say happy birthday, but I also want to say congratulations on leaving such an impact.”

Tebow ended his video message with, “God bless you, and I really hope I get the chance to see you and give you a hug. But even if I don’t get a chance here on Earth, I know I will in heaven, and I look forward to that day.”

And with that, it sure wasn’t too bad of a birthday celebration for Ms. Edison who can go back and watch Tim talk to her whenever she feels like she needs an inspirational message to get through a tough stretch.

Tim Tebow 105-year-old woman birthday message

Written by Joe Kinsey

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